Sunday, May 6, 2012

My first challenge submission

I took a little break from blogging yesterday to attend a family gathering.  We've recently had an influx of babies born into the family (one of them being mine, who is 9 months old) so it was sort of a "meet and greet" of the babies.  But I guess it was kind of ironic that I didn't get to do much scrapping on National Scrapbook Day!

I DID, however, get a card made for a giveaway contest on Above Rubies Studio.  The challenge was to create a card (or scrapbook layout) to "make someone's day", so really no specific meaning, just something that might brighten the receiver's day.  Megan, the founder of ARS, also had a request to include the colors yellow and grey (or at least one of those colors).  I don't really have much in the way of greys, but I was able to include quite a bit of yellow).

Here's what I came up with:

I saw this "pinwheel" technique on YouTube (I can't remember who I got it from off the top of my head, but I can look it up and update that later) and have been dying to try it ever since.  As it looked, it WAS super easy and I think it came out really cute.  I got the patterned paper from JoAnn's and it's one of my favorites.  I just think it's so cute.

To make the sentiment mat I used a rub-on from a Making Memories sticker/rub-on pack that says "You are my sunshine".  I wanted to dress it up a little bit (and I didn't have thin red ribbon, or I would have used that) so I hand cut one of the bees and ladybugs from a scrap of the paper.  Then I hand drew in the little "bee trail".  I think it came out pretty cute.  Here's a close up of the sentiment:

Clearly I need to set up some sort of "photo studio" to have a better place to take photos, but this is what I've got for now!

This is a really simple card, so I'm doubting that I will win the challenge, but it was definitely fun to make it.  I envision many more pinwheels to come as they are quite versatile and you can change the mood, theme, and use just by changing the colors.

What do you think?

Happy crafting!


Aimee said...

Your card is adorable! Can we vote for it?

SWAK Designs said...

Unfortunately, no. I believe it's just a random drawing from everyone who has entered. I'm trying to get my blog listed on her "guest bloggers" list (it should have been done by now, but for some reason it wasn't). Once I'm listed, you CAN vote for that. I'll post when that happens. :o)