Friday, May 4, 2012

Some of my favorite sites for supplies

I have several favorite sites for shopping for supplies.  I am going to add a list on the left of my page of the links to those pages, but thought I'd post a bit about some of them in case anyone was interested.

I probably do the bulk of my supply shopping at Amazon or JoAnn Fabrics (which is WAY more than just a fabric store).  I live in a fairly rural area so we don't have a lot in the way of choices for brick and mortar shops, but I do have a JoAnn's about 30 minutes from my house that I can literally spend hours in.  They recently expanded it too, which made me so very excited!  But because gas is around $4 per gallon, I don't make it down there too often.  That's why I do a lot of online ordering, and Amazon and JoAnn's online shops are amazing.  Really anything you could want.  Plus, if you have Amazon Prime you get free two day shipping!

I recently discovered and let me tell you...I LOVE IT!  I got a nice haul from them on my first order which included many stamp sets, dementional adhesives, storage containers, and stickers all for under $40.  I should have taken a picture because it was definitely photo-worthy!  Along the same note as Scrapbuck is Create for Less.  Their website says they have over 60,000 products, which includes more than just papercrafting supplies.

A few more websites that I've just recently discovered are the Eyelet Outlet and Consumer Crafts.  I haven't placed an order with them yet, but it's not because I haven't found anything that I want!  In fact, I want a LOT of things from both sites.  The Eyelet Outlet has the CUTEST eyelets and brads that you've ever seen. 

See?  Sock Monkey brads.  Cute, huh?  You want some, don't you?  Just $2.99 for 12 of them.

So what are some of your favorite websites to shop for crafting supplies?  Where do you find the best deals?

Happy crafting!

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